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Amezcua, Carlos, "NAPO Los Angeles 2011 Organizing Industry Awards," January 29, 2011. (Broadcast)

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"All About Women," hosted by Paula Dumas, WENG 1530 News Talk Radio,  Englewood, FL, January 7, 2008. Kate S. Brown discussed "Managing Your Email Before It Manages You."  (Radio)

"The Morning Show with Josh Taylor," ABC News 7, Sarasota, FL  December 31, 2007. Kate S. Brown discussed "Organizing Email for the New Year.” (Television)

"Movers, Shakers & Headline Makers:  Accolades," Biz941: Sarasota Manatee Business, November, 2007.  Kate S. Brown of Impact Organizing has received the Certified Professional Organizer (R) designation from the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. (Print)

"The Objective Edge," Radio Ear Network, hosted by Jill Greber and Dr. Christina Winsey-Rudd, Sarasota, FL, October 16, 2007.  Kate S. Brown of Impact Productivity led the discussion, exploring what it means to get organized by leveraging who you are, what you like, and what you already do well. (Web Radio)

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Company Notes: "Impact Organizing Becoming Impact Productivity"Bradenton Herald, Bradenton, FL, September 2, 2007. (Print, Web)

News: Impact Organizing Changes Name to Impact ProductivityPage 1, SQR's Daily Buzz-
Worthy Connection, Sarasota, FL, August 27, 2007. (Web)

"Names and Faces," Sarasota Herald Tribune, Sarasota, FL, July 22, 2007. 
Kate S. Brown, founder of Impact Organizing, is one of the first professional organizers in the nation to be certified by the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. Brown, who specializes in training individual executives and their teams to work more 
effectively, is now designated a CPO, or Certified Professional Organizer. (Print)

Alexander, Britta. "When You Live Where You Work,SRQ: Sarasota's Premier Magazine
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"All About Women," hosted by Paula Dumas, WENG 1530 News Talk Radio, Englewood, FL, July 16, 2007.  Kate S. Brown was interviewed on the relationshop between strong organizational skills and prosperity. (Radio)

"Good Deeds", Sarasota Herald Tribune, Sarasota, FL, March 26, 2007. As Girls Inc. takes steps to incorporate productivity and organizational skills into its programs, productivity trainer Kate S. Brown is lending her time and expertise to help the nonprofit improve its administrative functions as its information systems are modernized. (Print, Web)

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Dahmen, Pearl, Beyond the Bottom Line, January 8, 2007. Host Pearl Dahmen interviews Kate S. Brown, owner of Impact Organizing, to kick off  “National Get Organizing Month.” Topics included The GO System Seminar and issues in small business organizing. (Television)

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